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The Grown-Up Lives of Runaways

Home is an aroma, a touch, the feel of certain weather. At some point many make the journey away from home to find their way in the world. For Abigail Finley, home is a little house tucked behind willows on top of a hill in Maine. For the last few years, she has bounced from state to state, always dreaming of buying that little house where she was raised. Abigail is a serious sort of person who likes numbers and schedules. She would rather plan a good thing than have it happen. Weeks from finishing her master’s degree in Indianapolis, she has her life all planned out. A chance meeting with a charming stranger alters the trajectory of her life forever.

Behind the scenes with Author Torie Brame

Torie Brame is the author of The Grown-Up Lives of Runaways. She grew up in Londonderry, New Hampshire where she lived next door to her Papa—a WWII veteran. After moving states several times, she now lives in Charleston, South Carolina. Torie has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Purdue University. She has written stories since childhood. After complications from undiagnosed Lupus, Torie became bedridden. She wrote The Grown-Up Lives of Runaways from her room. Now she is celebrating her fourth year of remission. She can be found on YouTube advocating for fellow Lupus Warriors. Torie is hilariously dyslexic and enjoys the daily misunderstandings it brings with it.


Photo Credit: Quincy Oxendine

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